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Wedding planner erroneously delivers e-mail message to

Freitag, November 8th, 2019

Wedding planner erroneously delivers e-mail message to

A marriage planner has apologised after an email had been erroneously delivered to a bride calling her moms and dads ‘socially retarded’.

The employee from Bunny Hill Weddings in East Yorkshire, had been expected to send the scathing e-mail into the caterer – and also to include salt to the wound it was stated ukrainian brides by her had been ‘perhaps it’s cos they’re from Hull.’

Owner Sharon Wood stated the rant against bride-to-be Bekkie Barker along with her family members had been written on the account by an employee that is temporary who may have now been sacked.

Bekkie, 23, had recently terminated a scheduling for the location after falling out in clumps utilizing the owners in a dispute on the catering and offered a reimbursement which she accepted.

Bekkie then received a note from Bunny Hill Weddings through the account of company owner Sharon Wood, delivered from her iPhone.

The e-mail read: ‘The telephone call had been terrible, she stated you didn’t have enough time for them and therefore Paul was a liar. (mehr …)