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by Sarah Galvez and Danica Lacson

Donnerstag, November 28th, 2019

by Sarah Galvez and Danica Lacson

A bit of eyeliner, and her long wavy dyed hair, Juana could pass younger than her original age of 55 with her red lipstick. Juana is beautiful regardless if she wears just a simple white top and olive jeans.

Each day, she waits inside the sari-sari booth for the Amore KTV Bar at Kamias path, viewing a huge selection of cars overlook, watching men that are different the said Bar. Foreigners or locals, she sees them. Often, she’s got to become a waitress or an escort when they’re a lot of.

A three-story building with basic accommodations for almost two years now, she has been living in the bar. It became her sanctuary and also if working in that condition because of the chance of getting harassed and mistreated, she thought we would stay since it’s the only method she views to obtain away from poverty.

Juana’s life mirrors the cruel truth of today’s culture where opportunities are restricted and forces Filipinos, kept with “ no choice”, to come into unlawful and dangerous jobs and fall target to dangerous schemes such as mail purchase brides/grooms.

“These women, using the inspiration to greatly help their own families and produce an improved life for them, often get to be the target of exploitation by international men whom buy them as Republic Act 10906 or the “ Anti-Mail Order Spouse Law” in 2015, which widened the range of RA 6955 or the “Mail Order Bride Act of 1990”. (mehr …)