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Expert response : exactly what can cause bleeding during intercourse?

Samstag, Oktober 26th, 2019

Expert response : exactly what can cause bleeding during intercourse?

I’ve been bleeding during intercourse. An ER physician I saw stated it may be precancer cells. I’m just wondering what is causing these cells. How come it take place, and do you know the symptoms? I do not have gynecologist because We lost my insurance coverage.

Residing Well Expert Dr. Jennifer Shu Pediatrician, Youngsters‘ Health Group

Expert answer

Many thanks for the concern, and I also’m sorry to listen to regarding your situation. To help that is best you, we consulted with Dr. Jennifer Gunter, an ob/gyn at Kaiser Permanente in san francisco bay area, Ca, and composer of „The Preemie Primer: A Total Guide for moms and dads of Premature Babies — from Birth through the Toddler Years and past.“ She shared the information that is following

Bleeding after sex, also known as post-coital bleeding, is a symptom that will never be ignored as it may be a danger sign of a few severe conditions.

Conditions that can cause bleeding after intercourse include the immediate following:

1) Precancer (dysplasia) or cancer tumors of this cervix. Most precancers and cancers that are early not bleed, but it is extremely important to rule this down. A Pap smear is preferred, as well as for females over 30, an HPV test should really be done. (mehr …)