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The hypocrisy of an editorial saying: ======================

Dienstag, Juli 5th, 2022

The hypocrisy of an editorial saying: ======================

John H. Lederer – 6/

I am just astounded by the revelation today that the NYT had in its possession for weeks a document that appears to support the administration’s claims about ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

Mr. Cheney said he had lots of documents to prove his claims. We have heard that before, but Mr. Cheney always seems too pressed for time or too concerned about secrets to share them. Last September, Mr. Cheney’s adviser, Mary Matalin, explained to The Washington Post that Mr. Cheney had access to lots of secret stuff. She said he had to „tiptoe through the land mines of what’s sayable and not sayable“ to the public, but that „his job is to connect the dots.“

The message, if we hear it properly, is that when it comes to this critical issue, the vice president is not prepared to offer any evidence beyond the flimsy-to-nonexistent arguments he has used in the past, but he wants us to trust him when he says there’s more behind the screen. So far, when it comes to Iraq, blind faith in this administration has been a losing strategy. =============================================

at the same time that the NYT had one of those documents and chose not to reveal it is beyond the pale. (mehr …)